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Social Roles and Social Norms

Social Roles and Social NormsThe study was based on the debate over whether fox hunting should or should not be banned. The study involved two separate sessions where the participants completed a pre-test and were assigned to the pro- or anti- huntin... Read more

Adjusted balance Definition

Adjusted balance DefinitionFor example, if there were 12 general journal entries that involved cash, there should be 12 general ledger entries that involve cash. The final value for the general ledger is the amount that is included in the trial balan... Read more

Depreciation Definition

Depreciation DefinitionThe journal entry for this depreciation consists of a debit to depreciation expense, which flows through to the income statement, and a credit to accumulated depreciation, which is reported on the balance sheet. Accumulated dep... Read more

The Income Statement

The Income Statementconsists of the study of a single financial statement in which each item is expressed as a percentage of a significant total. Vertical analysis is especially helpful in analyzing income statement data such as the percentage of cos... Read more

NAIC Consumer Alert: Property Insurance

NAIC Consumer Alert: Property InsuranceReevaluating your long-term policy to make sure it fits your needsThis coverage may also protect you from covered hit-and-run accidents. Coverage is subject to policy coverage provisions and limits. What RV insu... Read more

Collect Synonyms & Antonyms

Collect Synonyms & AntonymsWords nearby collectedSome collectors’ items become valuable over time, and others reward collectors through entertainment and a sense of organizational pride. Some of the most fascinating aspects of collecting are the... Read more

Market Value Definition & Example

Market Value Definition & ExampleIn simplified terms, it's also the original value of the common stock issued plus retained earnings, minus dividends and stock buybacks. BVPS is the book value of the company divided by the corporation's issued an... Read more