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Quality Synonyms

Quality Synonymspremium in FinanceWhat is the meaning of premium quality?The definition of premium is something or someone of greater or superior quality. An example of premium used as an adjective is the phrase premium gasoline which means a gasolin... Read more

Why Major Companies Have 2 CEOs

Why Major Companies Have 2 CEOsUnderstanding Chief Executive OfficersDirectors appoint–and can fire–upper-level managers such as the CEO and president. The chairman typically wields substantial power in setting the board’s agenda and determining the... Read more

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive OfficerCEO SalaryThe board establishes corporate management policies and decides on big-picture corporate issues. Because the board is in charge of executive functions, and the CEO is responsible for integrating company policy into da... Read more

Actual cost — AccountingTools

Actual cost — AccountingToolsFor example, if Company A has $100,000 in sales and a COGS of $60,000, it means the gross profit is $40,000, or $100,000 minus $60,000. Divide gross profit by sales for the gross profit margin, which is 40%, or $40,000 di... Read more

How to write down inventory — AccountingTools

How to write down inventory — AccountingToolsRelease of the Allowance for Obsolete InventoryHow do you calculate inventory reserves?In our example on inventory write downs, an allowance for obsolete inventory account is created when the value of inve... Read more

Circular-flow diagram

Circular-flow diagramCircular Flow of Income and Expenditure-Four Sector EconomyHow do you explain the circular flow of income?9. Circular Flow of Income: The circular flow means the unending flows of production of goods and services, income and expe... Read more

How To Draw Flow Net Seepage By Hand

How To Draw Flow Net Seepage By HandWhat is Velocity Potential and Stream Function?Lakes are important habitats for a variety of species and have a high recreational value for people. Especially small lakes are considered to be ecologically very valu... Read more