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Amortization of Financing, Costs

Amortization of Financing CostsWhen a new bond is issued, it comes with a stated coupon that shows the amount of interest bondholders will earn. For example, a bond with a par value of $1,000 and a coupon rate of 3% will pay annual interest of $30. I... Read more

How bonds work

How bonds workCurrent YieldThe real value of a fixed rate bond is susceptible to loss due to inflation. Because the bonds are long-term securities, rising prices over time can erode the purchasing power of each interest payment a bond makes.What is B... Read more

Indentured Servants

Indentured ServantsBond IndentureConvertible debentures, which are convertible bonds or bonds that can be converted into equity shares of the issuing company after a predetermined period of time. "Convertibility" is a feature that corporations may ad... Read more

The Top 5 High Yield Bond Funds for 2020

The Top 5 High Yield Bond Funds for 2020The bond market is efficient and matches the current price of the bond to reflect whether current interest rates are higher or lower than the bond's coupon rate. It's important for investors to know why a bond... Read more

ionic bond

ionic bondThis molecular orbital theory represented a covalent bond as an orbital formed by combining the quantum mechanical Schrödinger atomic orbitals which had been hypothesized for electrons in single atoms. A chemical bond is a lasting attractio... Read more

Coupon Rate Formula

Coupon Rate FormulaYield to Maturity – YTM vs. Spot Rate: What's the Difference?In the United States, the prevailing interest rate refers to the Federal Funds Rate that is fixed by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). The Fed charges this rate w... Read more

When Would a Bond Be Called?

When Would a Bond Be Called?How To Evaluate Bond PerformanceCallable bonds are more risky for investors than non-callable bonds because an investor whose bond has been called is often faced with reinvesting the money at a lower, less attractive rate.... Read more

Bill of materials

Bill of materialsFor a given product and configuration, some companies use separate systems to structure BOMs for Engineering and Manufacturing purposes. These Engineering Bills of Materials (EBOMs) and Manufacturing BIlls of Materials (MBOMs) can be... Read more