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In addition to her work with Investopedia, she has performed editing and fact-checking work for several leading finance publications, including The Motley Fool and Passport to Wall Street.In the discussion above, we looked at one investment over the... Read more

Straight Line Depreciation Definition

The value of the car here is said to be decreasing (i.e. depreciating) over time. Ken Boyd is a co-founder of and owns St. Louis Test Preparation ( He provides blogs, videos, and speaking services on accou... Read more

Closing Entries And Post

The credit balances of revenue accounts will be credited to the Income Summary while the balances of expense account will be closed to the debit side of this account. As the result of these records, all revenue and expense accounts will have zero bal... Read more

Forensic Accounting Skills In Investigations

Income reconstruction for a marital divorce case where one spouse owns a cash based business. Business divorce where one party accuses the other of unfair dealings for self-enrichment or fraud. Forensic accountants engage cases relating to matrimonia... Read more

Financial Leverage Ratios

Using the % of change from the previous period to the current period gives us what the firm’s DFL was last year and not what the firm’s DFL is currently. If value is added from financial leveraging then the associated risk will not have a negative ef... Read more

A Basic Understanding Of Forensic Accounting

The former represent the factual presentation of economic issues related to existing litigation. In this capacity, the forensic accounting Sustained by parties involved in the legal disputes and can assist in resolution dispute, even before they reac... Read more