Nonprofit Membership Can Be A Confusing Concept

You may wish to require that they refrain from posting on social media during the meeting. There was a case where an ordinary member was tweeting about the board discussion and mischaracterizing what people were saying. The bylaws will provide furth... Read more

Nonprofit Job Description Toolkit

Also reproduces material requested from the files and/or charges it out to requesting party. Makes all arrangements for periodic PAC committee meetings including the preparation of all financial and activity reports. Takes and distributes minutes of... Read more

Grants Management Process

It’s where the grantmaker awards the grant, works with the awardee on a final agreement, and awards funds. With Submittable, you can create branded, customized portals to give your grant application platform the same look and feel as the rest... Read more

Overnight Bank Funding Rate

An applicant that is eligible to use the "de minimis" rate and wishes to use the "de minimis" rate should attach written documentation to the application that advises OJP of both the applicant's eligibility to use the "de minimis" rate, and its elec... Read more

Dine, Shop & Share

No Kid Hungry is a campaign of Share Our Strength, an organization working to end hunger and poverty. Support Mendocino Farms from October 15 through December 24 via donations at checkout to No Kid Hungry in the amounts of $1, $5, or $10 and help fe... Read more

Closing And Dissolving A Charity

Calming any rough internal waters as quickly as possible improves the potential for a successful outcome. You will need to provide a certified copy of your articles of dissolution or merger, resolutions and plans of liquidation or merger along with... Read more

Business Expansion Grants

This includes helping you find grant opportunities and presenting your business in the best light. Sephora is a makeup retailer that created a grant program called Sephora Accelerate. Each fall, this program helps fund and inspire entrepreneurs in t... Read more

Capital Campaigns

Because some campaign costs will be the same, no matter how big or small your goal. These same costs, though, will be come to a larger percentage of your goal if your goal is a smaller one. What is a capital campaign strategy? Capital campa... Read more