How To Ask For Donations

Make sure your outreach to consumers is across-the-board, and make it part of your culture—a natural extension of who you are. Don’t limit your efforts to point of sale; move them across all your channels—digital and brick-and-mortar. As a con... Read more

Grant Application And Other Forms

What knowledge or information will be gained as a direct result of your project? Why is undertaking your research important in a broader sense? And once again, you’re trying to establish some basic terminology that people can link to your aim... Read more

How To Start A 501c3, How To Start A Nonprofit

Act as an advisory board during board meetings and beyond. FindLaw is here to help you get your nonprofit off the ground without any of your own money. Donors may receive a tax deduction for donations making it more attractive to large donors. Make... Read more

How Charities Make Money

Capital fundraising is when fundraising is conducted to raise major sums for a building or endowment, and generally keep such funds separate from operating funds. This is often done over a period of time to encourage donors to give more than they wo... Read more

Employment Taxes For Exempt Organizations

I have a situation where the director of a local hospital foundation is an employee of the local hospital . The hospital provides compensation and benefits to the employee and doesn’t charge the foundation for that cost. The employee is additi... Read more

Key Steps Of The Application Process

These points are the primary items on which the application will be evaluated. Pay attention to deadlines – these are usually inflexible and if you submit your application past the deadline date, it will not be considered. All grant applicant journe... Read more

Nonprofit Explorer

However, most nonprofits manage a diverse workforce of both paid staff and unpaid volunteers. Employees listed on a recent filing from the University of Georgia Athletic Association, whose football coach makes one of the highest coaching salaries am... Read more