3 Essential Ingredients For Every Leader’s Inner Circle

I’ve taught thousands of store owners how to get more traffic and more sales in our Inner Circle Member’s Program. You’ll gain inspiration from other members and how they have used the concepts taught to grow their businesses. The sessions are designed to make sure you turn the page on every month with a solid plan to get sales. And then, you’ll take action and execute the plan in Conversion Bootcamp.

inner circle strategy

This cooperative learning strategy actively engages students as they work with multiple partners to ask and answer questions or discuss topics related to the lesson or unit. Inside/Outside Circles works best when used with the whole class or a large group. This strategy guide for inner/outer circle discussion, with its purposeful inclusion of only half the class as a time, is designed around these principles. The Inside-Outside Circle is a technique in which students move around and interact with each other. It can be used as a cooperative strategy and a summarizing strategy. During inside-outside circle, students either sit or stand facing each other in two concentric circles. Students respond to teacher questions or note-card prompted questions and then rotate to the next partner.

Well, something similar anyway – I’m sure you’ve seen blurbs like this hit your inbox. Using this strategy, Vendor A doesn’t have to struggle to achieve credibility with Vendor B’s clients. In these cases, if you go out to Marketing Tool Vendor A’s site, you’ll also see a testimonial from Marketing Tool Vendor B there. A new product is introduced, or a repackaged existing product available elsewhere to create a new need, even if the need doesn’t really exist – yet. Trust has been established between client and merchant through quality service and support over a period of time.

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All of these men know me, my history, my wins and my losses. They speak truth in love and they ask great questions. I owe them much and love them for their place in my life and ministry.

inner circle strategy

Have the outside circle move one step to the left or right and discuss the same question with a different partner. Students are actively engaged in thinking, with different questions and different partners. Questions that require higher level thinking skills questions should be selected.

Tina can also help you analyze and understand the data in your Google Analytics account and can get you started with Pinterest Promoted Pins. The Inner Circle community the first place I go for feedback and help–They’re serious business owners like myself who will give honest feedback and cheer you on at the same time. You’ll learn step-by-step how to build an e-commerce business with a solid foundation that generates consistent revenue. At the same time he approaches Marketing Tool Vendor B and offers a generous revenue share if Vendor B will introduce the product to his client list. As more people purchase the product, others notice and a trend is begun that has the potential to spread outside of the current client base. The non-existent need the product addresses now becomes real. If those aligned people also display deep character, competency and chemistry, you have a winning combination.


It is helpful to have students shake hands with their partner prior to starting the task. Using this language as a guide, ask students to have questions about the text ready for the discussion.

At the end of the inner/outer circle activity, students use their notes to formulate a cogent editorial opinion about the topic of discussion. For intermediate level students, the teacher may give only a topic and allow students to generate their own questions to discuss with their partners. The second group forms a circle facing inward, the outer circle, and across from a member of the inner circle to make partners. You’ll not only get advice from Susan but our entire team of expert marketers, influencers, strategists and more.

inner circle strategy

It’s not always appropriate or even fair to them. That’s why I always have people who are managing a similar leadership load and life that I am. This is where I can air my deepest frustrations and they can air theirs. And we usually end up laughing about it in the end. And somehow just talking about it feels better. Three knowledgeable individuals who are willing to share time with you will triple your decision making power.

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Doing everything yourselfeventually leads to overwhelm and burnout. Especially when everything needs to be done right now.

How good is inner circle?

If you are a single, educated professional who likes hanging out with like-minded people, then the Inner Circle is your perfect paradise. The design of both the website and the application is attractive and modern. The navigation is straightforward. The registration process may seem time-consuming, but it’s worth it.

It’s not always appropriate or even fair to them. You just need friends who see you as you, not your title. And often we don’t talk about church life, which is perfect. I have a few friends in this category I just call on bad days to talk things through.

Encourage all students to write a reflection on what they learned about the content and what they noticed about the dynamics of the discussion. Each student should set speaking and listening goals for the next discussion. Repeat the next discussion with a new arrangement of inner-outer circle participants. Fast answers from real people who are making real money selling products online.

The Inner Circle Strategy

Since joining the Inner Circle, I’ve learned why I should run Facebook ads and how to run them. I’ve gained the support and collective knowledge of the team and the other members. I’ve increased my traffic and definitely feel more confident in many areas. Setting aside 5-10 hours each week will allow you time to review the lessons and implement everything you learn.

  • On the day of the Inner-Outer Circle discussion, ask all students to get out their questions and divide the room into an inner circle and an outer circle.
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  • Bad experiences in the past has taught me the need for caution.
  • Cultivating a great inner circle of key people who love you, support you and tell you the truth is key to overcoming all of that.
  • Follow these recommendations to increase revenues without burning out.
  • I have a few friends in this category I just call on bad days to talk things through.

You’ll get new ideas, new ways of looking at old problems, solutions to burning questions, and you will form strategic alliances. Include complimentary services when choosing your inner circle. My mastermind clients who are bookkeepers and accounting professionals frequently team up. Begin to identify people from other professions whose skill set differs from yours. Diversity of thought offers you a competitive advantage. My inner circle includes a bookkeeper, marketer and human resources professional.


During the use of the inside outside circle strategy, the teacher is the facilitator. The teacher works to manage the rotations as well as keep an eye and ear on when students are finished sharing to begin the next rotation. Inside outside circle is a great strategy for sharing. This might mean sharing student writing as discussed in this post, sharing opinions on a matter, or sharing about what a student did over a school break. The teacher gives directions on how to rotate. For example, one time I may tell the inner circle to move three partners to their left or the outer circle to move one partner to their right.

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What is Socratic circle?

– A Socratic Circle (also known as a Socratic Seminar) is a systematic procedure used to examine a text or explore a concept through a series of questions and answers founded on the beliefs that all new knowledge is connected to prior knowledge, that all thinking comes from asking questions, and that asking one …

The answers you’ve been looking for and the community you’ve been craving. This program offers REAL actionable advice and how-to’s, instead of empty fluff that’s so prevalent in other online coaching programs. You’re tired of fussing with complicated marketing strategies and gambling on Facebook ads that don’t work. A solid foundation, consistent revenue, and one step closer to financial independence. Optimizing page load times can help with your rankings and sales – pick up some site speed optimization tips. This is a classic example of why, in some industries, your “competitor” shouldn’t be seen as a threat, but a great resource. Don’t get too paranoid about your competitors, get to know them on a fairly friendly basis if you can.

You’re spending more time enjoying your family and all the things you love doing. You’ve been at this online business thing for a while, or maybe you’re just getting started.

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It’s hard being a solo entrepreneur – not everyone in my life wants to talk about my business with me, and yet, it’s the thing that makes me motivated for the day. In the Inner Circle, I find like-minded entrepreneurs who are full of ideas and suggestions.

God has always provided me a circle of friends, my own personal hedge. Has not always been the same people, Different circumstances/places different people. In the past had tried to organize my own mentoring/discernment circle; that always failed…miserably and I got pretty frustrated. Took me a while to realize that there had always been a group of people surrounding me. In my current situation all are at a distance.

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