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In addition to meeting the Foundations’ general eligibility criteria, Core/General Operating Support requests will be considered for established and well-managed organizations. – Explain the data your organization collects and how it assesses results. Be sure to express the organizations commitment to continually improving its work through using the data. Request to fund programming for seniors about depression using the Regional Community Health Grant Proposal form. Proposal for a single-year grant to promote and defend policies that further natural resource conservation and combat sprawl on state and local levels. Request for multiyear general operating support for a program to help schools create extended learning opportunities linked to college and career readiness.

In a project-specific proposal, the grant application is focused on a single need that, once addressed, will bring about a specific outcome to meet that one need. Please upload a comparison list of all received and projected funding sources for THREE FISCAL years as one PDF file. Please provide a brief description of your organization’s mission and history. If organization has received funding in the past, please list date and grant amount starting from the most recent grant received. Colleges and universities, hospitals, and faith-based organizations are not eligible to apply for general operating support, and organizations with annual budgets in excess of $15 million dollars are also generally not eligible. For example, organizations using a July 1 – June 30 fiscal year should submit the letter of intent the January prior.

general operating support grant sample

If after the submission of a letter of inquiry you are asked to submit a full application, be sure to use the General Operating Support Grant Application. Enabling nonprofits to build a strong and sustainable infrastructure to provide programs and services that will have the greatest impact. Summarize your organization’s annual budget into general categories. This will provide a quick look at the organization’s overall financial situation and show how a general operating grant will fit in.

Proposal From Planned Parenthood Of Georgia To The Atlanta Women’s Foundation

The foundation cannot accept applications from organizations with a fiscal sponsor or whose tax-exempt status is pending. Organizations applying for a grant must have received an IRS determination letter. Receiving Sobrato funding signals a “seal of approval” to other funders and donors. Grantees spoke highly of Sobrato’s reputation in the community, noting that it is known for funding high-impact organizations with a solid track record of success. Have experienced funding reductions that impact the delivery of core programs and services.

general operating support grant sample

Here’s a brief rundown of what to include in your grant request for general operating funds. Request for general operating support for direct services to save and create manufacturing jobs and for research and development of economic policies for low- and moderate-income families in New York City. Request to fund a community training program to increase awareness of issues and challenges facing adolescent girls. Candid Learning offers information and resources that are specifically designed to meet the needs of grantseekers. Include the expected outcomes and what you hope to achieve in the next year.

Cover Letter From Center For Effective Philanthropy To Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

In a nutshell, the organizational background section of a general operating grant proposal requires you to briefly state your nonprofit’s history, including your mission and vision statements. You should also list your current programs or services offered and any other relevant details that contribute to your statement of need within this section as well.

How do you describe a grant?

A grant is a quantity of money, i.e., financial assistance, given by a government, organization, or person for a specific purpose. Unlike a loan, you do not have to pay back the money. The government may also award grants for home insulation, community projects, or setting up businesses. …

Please upload a list of the organization’s Board of Directors as a PDF file. Please provide the following documentation and read the instructions in detail. If the organization is applying for General Operating Support, please enter GOS. Applicants seeking Core/General Support are advised that grant awards range for a minimum $10,000 to a maximum $50,000 and not to exceed 10% of an applicant’s annual operating budget.

Proposal From Elizabeth Eton Pediatric Center To The Hyde And Watson Foundation

When you ask for general support, it can be easy to slip into a negative writing voice. Even though your nonprofit needs general support, you are not a bad investment. Make it clear that the grant funds, if provided, are filling a few holes and that the funds will strengthen your operations to maximum capacity for many years to come. Write a few general closing lines about the positive impact of your grant application. Summarize the impact of the expected outcomes that, collectively, will advance your business and your industry, and contribute to the mission of the funding agency and the funding opportunity you are targeting. Remember that the grantmaker’s goal is to fund the nonprofits that represent the strongest fit to their (the funding agency’s) mission statement when crafting your summary. If organization is applying for Program Support or Other, please include funding sources for the entire organization and for the specific project/program.

general operating support grant sample

These misperceptions continue to limit the amount of unrestricted support that grantmakers are willing to provide, which perpetuates a chronic underinvestment in nonprofit infrastructure, capacity and staff. It also makes it more difficult for nonprofits to talk about their real costs and needs with funders. Received funds to plant organic gardens and provide training to neighborhood residents with limited access to quality, affordable, fresh produce. Please provide a brief proposal which outlines the project/program for which the funds are sought. This should include a detailed account of how the funds will be utilized, a history of the program, and its goals and objectives.

Recent Grants

Request for renewed building/renovation funds to build four homes with accessibility features. Proposal includes a bios of the people who will benefit from the project.

Similarly, organizations with a January 1 – December 31 fiscal year should submit a letter of inquiry by the preceding June. Freeing up the time nonprofits normally spend on raising money and reporting, so they can direct their spending where it is needed and focus on running effective programs. Received funds to add signs and landscaping to neighborhood entrances, and to create an association website to market the area and enable communication and document sharing among residents.

  • Then, progress to the gap in resources or the unmet need that will drive your grant narrative.
  • Have a mission and programs that are consistent with core funding interests of the Dyson Foundation, which generally focus on basic needs services such as food, housing, health care, and other human services.
  • As funders loosen restrictions and turn toward general support, nonprofit managers must be prepared to respond with solid proposals that check off all the boxes.
  • The most commonly reported uses of GOS funds were fund development, hard infrastructure, service expansion, paying rent, and administrative functions.
  • Proposal for a single-year grant to promote and defend policies that further natural resource conservation and combat sprawl on state and local levels.
  • You can provide a brief history of your organization’s strategic plan and how the current resources and goals support your future goals.
  • All applicants are required to submit a proposal including organizations applying for General Operating Support.

If you have multiple organizations or businesses participating in a shared event, be sure to highlight the collaborations and the various strengths each partner brings to the table. If you have worked with that partner previously, be sure to highlight past successes. 2021 applications for general operating support were due February 25.

Proposal From New Jersey Conservation Foundation To The Fund For New Jersey

Less frequently, grantees used GOS for marketing and communications, data and evaluation, training, innovation, technology, and to fill funding gaps. Additionally, about three-fourths of GOS grants in this sample supported programmatic and/or administrative salaries, as opposed to non-personnel expenses, such as paying rent or purchasing equipment. For most nonprofits, salaries represent well over half of their budgeted expenses. Many nonprofits in Silicon Valley struggle to offer living wages that are on par with the rising cost of living. Most of the trends in how grantees use GOS were similar regardless of organizational size, with some notable exceptions.

This match challenge stipulates that, in order to receive the second year of the two-year GOS grant, agencies must raise new or increased funds from non-governmental sources in the first year. Have a mission and programs that are consistent with core funding interests of the Dyson Foundation, which generally focus on basic needs services such as food, housing, health care, and other human services. General operating grant proposals can provide a lifeline for your nonprofit by providing the general support required to simply keep the doors open. General Operating Support is defined as a grant made to further the general mission and work of an organization, rather than for a specific purpose or project. General Operating Support gives nonprofits flexibility to direct their spending where it is needed most and allows greater focus on achieving an organization’s mission.

Proposal From Project Open Hand Atlanta To The Community Foundation For Greater Atlanta

You should limit your specific aims to no more than three or four clearly identified goals. Describe each specific aim in detail, and include all the steps required to achieve that goal. Strengthen your description of the objective of your funding application by adding additional details surrounding your specific aims, or the tasks that must be completed, in the order that they must be undertaken, to obtain the overall objective. Start saving 3 hours a week and increase your grant applications by 78%. Our grantseeker webinar provides a full overview of our grant process for 2021. If you are applying for Program Support or Other, please upload a detailed program budget comparison for THREE FISCAL years as one PDF file. The list should include each board member’s occupation/title, length of service, and term limits if applicable.

All applicants are required to submit a proposal including organizations applying for General Operating Support. General operating support grants are aligned with the grantee’s fiscal year. Organizations applying to the Dyson Foundation for general operating support for the first time must submit an initial letter of inquiry no later than six months prior to the start of their fiscal year. According to GEO’s 2011 national study of philanthropic practice, 80 percent of foundations devote a portion of annual grantmaking budget to general operating support grants. Yet, despite these findings and the obvious advantages that general operating support brings to a nonprofit’s work, there are still misperceptions about this type of funding.

Easing fundraising pressures on nonprofit executives, reducing burnout and allowing them to focus on the mission. As we celebrate our 33rd year, NPT remains dedicated to supplying breaking news, in-depth reporting, and special issue coverage to help nonprofit executives run their organizations more effectively. – In one short paragraph, identify your organization, explain how the grant will strengthen and sustain your work, and identify the amount you are requesting. Request for multiyear support to train workers in adult day services and hospice/palliative care. Request for funding to conduct evaluation of parenting support program for low-income, high-risk women with infants. Request to fund a literacy and workforce training program for women refugees, using the Common Grant Appplication form for Lincoln/Lancaster County.

The general operating support grant often provides unrestricted funding to a nonprofit to address urgent and developing needs that are central to the nonprofit’s survival. This may include boosting salaries or employment to retain the necessary workforce, investing in technology, strengthening the nonprofit’s communications infrastructure, or other operational needs. Core/General Operating Support is unrestricted funding that enables an organization to carry out its mission. It can be used to underwrite an organization’s administrative and infrastructure costs, and/or maintain core programs and essential staff. For 2020 General Operating Support grants, the Thriving Communities pillar will only be accepting applications that focus on community and civic engagement.

Also, be sure to include all relevant administrative information in your grant narrative, including who to contact, how to contact you, and the number or name of the specific funding opportunity in your summary. Adopt a broader focus and viewpoint in grant writing for general operating expenses, and use language to demonstrate that grant awarded general operating funds will make a long-lasting impact on the business, the local economy, and the industry. An operating proposal often includes the same sections of information required in a project-specific proposal. This includes background on your organization, a statement of need, the stated goals or objectives , and a robust budget. While current grant agreements can be revised or amended, many project-specific grant agreements contain numerous restrictions and other language that may be inconsistent with the idea of a general support grant.

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