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Hello! My name is Harry Vance. I am a representative of Simple-accounting company. I run my blog to give you more information about bookkeeping services, including tax preparation and reduction, payroll management, bank and credit card reconciliation, invoice processing and many other activities. You can read and ask any question by email:, phone: 1-312-341-6791

Estimated Tax Explanation

When a taxpayer's income isn't subject to withholding taxes, they must make estimated tax payments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each quarter. If taxpayers earn income through wages, rent, interest, or dividends, and they don't have an emplo... Read more

How to Calculate Withholding Tax

Businesses have to calculate how much money must be withheld from employee paychecks to send to the IRS to cover tax payments. It's an important task as employers have to be careful and properly calculate everything to ensure that employees are taxed... Read more

What is an Invoice, and Why is it Used?

An invoice is a document produced by a seller to hand to a buyer. Buyer must follow the information from the invoice to pay for services or goods from the description. Standard invoices include the price of services or products, names of the seller... Read more

Net Working Capital Ratio Definition

Marketing Systems LLC is a digital marketing agencies with offices in 5 countries within Europe. The business has over $7,000,000 in annual sales and it has more than 45 employees. A high ratio means that the company has an operational problem in liq... Read more

What Is An Enrolled Agent For Taxes?

You can take the three parts in any order and, if you pass part of the exam, you can carry over passing scores up to two years from the date you took the exam. Enrolled agents also had to learn about taxpayer advocacy. This additional skill involved... Read more