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Synonyms and Antonyms for biweekly

Synonyms and Antonyms for biweeklySome employers pay hourly semimonthly employees current (for 86.67 hours) and estimate overtime then they make adjustments on the next pay period. Payroll processing for biweekly salaried employees differs from proce... Read more


BOMThe Production BOM lists parent items which are finished products and the child items are components which complement the parent item. During the production process you can turn components into finished products. For many companies, the production... Read more

How Do I Cash in My Bearer Bonds?

How Do I Cash in My Bearer Bonds?Instead, a bond registrar -- a person or agency that maintains records of ownership and provides transfer services -- uses computerized records to establish ownership. A bearer bond, on the other hand, is issued in th... Read more

Activity Cost Driver Definition

Activity Cost Driver DefinitionHow Batch-Level Activities WorksCost pools are commonly used for the allocation of factory overhead to units of production, as required by several accounting frameworks. They are also used in activity-based costing to a... Read more